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Re: Where's Konqueror in SU

> set by step volumes (tons?) of TFM
> 1:  login in as user.
> 2:  as user open a terminal window
> 3:  switch from the user to root using steps 3a and 3b
> 3a: type   su - <enter>  at the prompt
> 3b: enter root's password <enter>  at the prompt
> 4:  type   konqueror & <enter>  (the & lets you keep the
>  terminal)

how do I understand the original question, this step 4 didn't 
work for the original inquirer; and still, he is unable to use 
the alternative way via kdesu

and some said that it is okay that Konqueror can't be run as root

and you said "The point is, I believe, that to disable root is 
considered a good thing."

so keep on topic and explain to me, how do I do step 3 if root is 
disabled, and what is it good for?

oh, and if you are really bored, you can answer my previous 
question that you have chosen to ignore in your reply - how are 
the Windows related, when we are talking about doing 
administrative tasks using the root account in Fedora, and not 
about using the Administrator account to do daily tasks in 


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