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Re: Daylight Savings Time

On 11/03/2009 08:28 PM, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 15:32 -0500, Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
On 11/03/2009 11:02 AM, Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
Should rawhide have set US East Coast Daylight Saving Time back one hour
on Nov 1 to Standard Time?

OK, I see I am different...now I wonder why?  The bios on this machine
DOES NOT use UTC and the UTC box was unchecked during installation. Does
that make a difference?

Yes.  If you use UTC for the hardware clock, then the right thing is
always done with regard to DST.

If you use localtime, then Linux assumes that the hardware clock
contains the correct local time at boot.  The DST adjustment will take
place if the machine is running at the time of the transition, and the
correct time will be saved if the machine is rebooted after that.  If
the machine is off at the time of the transition and you don't set the
hardware clock, the time will be an hour off at boot.

I also see that since setting the time correctly about 5 hours ago, time
has gained 5 minutes.  I recall msgs sometime ago on this list about the
clock gaining time in rawhide, so all I may have been seeing was time
creep and not an erroneous EDST ->  EST.

If the machine is connected to the Internet, you should consider using
NTP to keep your clock in line.

You are correct! The machine was off during the transition. That explains it. Also, I used to use NTP, but transistion to the desktop took so long I abandoned it. "Time" to try again.

Thanks for the explanation.  Very useful.

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