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Re: Where's Konqueror in SU

On 11/4/2009 11:09 AM, Richard Ryniker wrote:
> Is this properly a Fedora or an upstream issue?
> If the KDE/Konqueror code upstream contains prejudice against operation
> as root, then Fedora has no finger in this pie: it simply packaged the
> code.  The "allow/disallow root" argument belongs upstream; it is not
> a Fedora issue.
> If Fedora has modified the upstream code to create this aversion to run
> as root, then there are two questions:
>   1.  Is it approprate to do this?  This thread already contains enough
>   comments to strongly suggest there will be no concensus about this.
>   2.  Has this been done in a thoughtful way?  It may be an appropriate
>   default setting (avoids risks Fedora thinks users may not expect or
>   understand), but it should be possible to modify this default so root
>   operation of Konqueror is possible.
> If one builds Konqueror from upstream source, does it balk when invoked
> as root?  If it does, argue upstream.  If it does not, look further into
> what Fedora has done, but you now have a Konqueror you can use as root.

Take a deep breath friend.  :-)

The 'no root GUI login' is from GDM and is a GNOME upstream setting/default.

Konqueror, as provided by Fedora, can be run by the root user.


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