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Re: Where's Konqueror in SU

On 11/05/2009 07:29 AM, Karel Volný wrote:
On Wednesday 04 of November 2009 19:15:50 Adam Williamson wrote:
What some people are saying is that you should not be able to
  log in to the entire graphical desktop from the graphical
  login manager as root, which is arguably true, but entirely
  irrelevant to the main issue here.
what I say is that you should be able to do that at your will

you should be warned that this is not a good idea, and this is
the line what the software (thus its authors) should not cross

as it was said by John:
"My security is my responsibility, not my vendor's. The vendor's
responsibility is to provide tools and documentation.

Neither you nor my vendors understand my particular requirements
and circumstances, and lacking that information you are poorly
qualified to judge."

I'm sorry for my overreaction, but the issue is quite sensitive
to me due its analogy to other things happening all over the
world (and touching me) - "for our safety"

this really does not belong on this list; but my will is weak and
I couldn't resist to react when the original writer was told not
to use GUI as root at all ... I'll try better next time not to
waste your time

Most importantly, there is actually a big bug at the root of
  this discussion, it's filed and marked as a release blocker
  and there's an updated selinux-policy available that ought to
  fix it. The bug is
  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=532748 , the fix
  is in
  http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=139739 .
  The bug stopped the 'kdesu' command working,

thankyou - this is exactly the piece of information that was
missing to answer the original post ... Adam ruleZZ again! ;-)


Would someone explain to me what is the detrimental difference between a Gui or command line, logging in to root from the same box .

Most of the people that over reacted to question was they looked at Konqueror as a Web Browser, not realizing it is also a File Manager.

Konqueror also has a very nice feature called "fish" that allow users to move files from one computer to another, using SSH.
 fish://user 192 168 1 100:/home/user

Rules to answering this question:

1. Don't over react to question.
2. I'm not talking about using a Web Browser in this case, because that is just plain stupid.

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