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Re: [Test-Announce] Fedora12 RC install test Nov4-Nov11

Liam wrote:

Take Adam Williamson suggestion,just to draw your attention to RC install testing here :). Actually we started install against TC on Nov4,please see previous mails.This is the last install testing for F12 before GA,so it's very important to estimate whether f12 is qualified enough to release after lots of bugs were fixed. If you are interested, please download ISO at:
I have created a matrix for testers to add test results at:

More details,please see test matrix.


Am I still asleep or does the test ask us to use a user name for a non user name connection.


 Steps To Reproduce

  1. Boot the installation program
  2. When prompted by stage#1 loader, enter a hostname and path for a
     FTP accessible installation source.
  3. Provide a non-anonymous username and password to use for the

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