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DVD deltaisos available for 12-RC.1 -> 12-RC.3 (i386, ppc, x86_64)

DVD deltaisos for Fedora 12-RC.1 -> 12-RC.3 for each of i386, ppc, and
x86_64 are now available at


The sizes are 2.6%, 4.0%, and 1.7% of the full 12-RC.1 ISO size, resp.
The time to run applydeltaiso is approximately 3 minutes.

WARNING: I just discovered that using these currently works only on
Fedora 11 and below, not on Fedora 12/Rawhide, where applydeltaiso will
fail with an "md5sum mismatch, iso is corrupt" error.  Sorry for not
catching this earlier.  This is due to the presence of xz-compressed
noarch RPMs built on PPC hosts before the xz endianness bug was fixed
(around October 7).  I hope it's not too long before all of these get

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