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Re: Testing new headset and cameras

On 11/11/2009 12:56 AM, Birger Wathne wrote:
Sitat David Timms<dtimms iinet net au>:

I am assuming that pluggable usb devices get uploaded by smolt.
Whenever I try to change the settings for the USB video and audio devices
they just revert to ?
Given you must have used the admin password smoltsendprofile gave you to set two devices to green, I guess that there is an issue with smolt site.

The public link to show all devices also fails with:
500 Internal error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

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I updated my profile, and the show all link works on my page, and I can set green/orange status on the various items - but didn't try usb ones though.

It seems like a smolt web service bug ?

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