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Re: As of F12 RC3 my printer model is still not shown

On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 15:47 +0200, cornel panceac wrote:

> how does s-c-p know if the printer supports postscript?

Printers state the languages they understand as part of their IEEE 1284
Device ID, in the CMD field.  If we have access to the IEEE 1284 Device
ID, AND PostScript is not listed in it, we know the printer does not
support PostScript.  Otherwise, it either does or might, in which case
we suggest installing foomatic-db-ppds.

> what if the printer is powered-off or somehow not available?? (my
> printer is off most of the time)

That seems like a bad time to try adding a print queue for the
printer... however, in this case it assumes that the printer might
support PostScript.

This solution seems better than having a hard dependency in the
system-config-printer package.


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