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upgrade from fedora 11 to rawhide - problems

Hi, all!

Firstly sorry by my English, it's not a native one.

I'm experiencing some weird things after updating my fedora 11 to rawhide.

The most strange problem is my mouse. I have a OCZ Laser mouse and it is so crazy now. The pointer in the screen only moves if I physically move the mouse so slowly, otherwise it remains in the same point of the screen. Sometimes it also appears in a random point of the screen. I have experienced this when booted via liveUsb a nightly build some days ago, but I didn't pay attention to it because i thought that i would be something related with a usb boot and a usb mouse working together... Stupid thought, i Know..
The need to move very very slowly really sucks on a 1920x1080 screen.

The second problem is that i have no sound with pulseaudio. The only app tha gives me sound is the firefox (tested gmail gtalk notifications and youtube). I think that pulseaudio is the problem because firefox, the only app with sound, is not in the sound preferences app list. At least all channels of my 5.1 sound system are working now. When a upgraded to fedora 11 all my extra channels were decreased to zero.

I have other minor issues:

My exaile music collections disappeared after the update.

My catalyst driver doesn't work anymore. (it's a big problem to me because of the lack of power management in the free driver, my HD 3850 fan keeps 100% all the time and the board spent a lot of energy worthless)

If you could give some help to fix/workaround these issue i would really appreciate.

And thanks all for the hard work in Fedora 12!


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