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Re: Does firefox upgrades need some pre/post install love to close and restart firefox during upgrades

2009/11/15 Jos Vos <jos xos nl>
On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 09:23:56PM +1100, Rodd Clarkson wrote:

> Is it possible to put in a little pre/post install love that asks to
> shut firefox (saving the session) and then restarts it after the upgrade
> is complete?

Yum/rpm package actions do not have (and should not have) any user
interaction.  Synchronisation (i.e. wait for user response) is
therefore impossible by design.

And what if many firefox instances (for more users) are running?

The only thing that could be done is sending some signal to all
firefox instances (and even that is tricky, but that won't help

Hi, but what happens with the people who have a low internet connection like me?
there exist a possibility to don't restart firefox?
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