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re: tests on XI2 F12

On Mon, 16 Nov 2009 18:50:03 -0800 Adam Williamson wrote:
> When you're trying to move windows around, you're not using the pointers in the applications.
> Whatever window manager you're using obviously
> doesn't cope well with multiple inputs.

eh eh... here in Italy we say you are trying to climb the glasses ;-)
with these arguments we would end up saying that your apps are running on the same kernel and so you would have to boot two different kernels at the same time (eventually using Qemu/KVM ;-) or that your kernel has to cope better with multiple inputs...

taking aside the tricks, I'm testing with a default F12 RC2 and with the default window manager of the provided Gnome DE, that is metacity... and probably I overlooked the basic functionality.
Thanks anyway for the feedback
I'll eventually dig more in the XI2 technology to understand better limitations and opportunities.


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