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Re: Does firefox upgrades need some pre/post install love to close and restart firefox during upgrades

On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 18:57 +0100, Vedran Miletić wrote:

> Are you telling that I can update OpenOffice.org while running and it
> wil be completely functional without restarting?
> If that's the case, I'm filling bug on b.m.o. straight away.

I don't use OO.o all that much, but it's not a problem for any of the
other apps I run daily - Evolution, gnome-terminal, xchat, revelation,
gedit, pretty much. Plus NetworkManager and all the other applet crap
you tend to forget about. They all work fine even if they get updated
while running. Okay, I've seen Evolution have issues maybe once or
twice, but it's certainly the exception not the rule, and it's never
crashed on me just because it got updated while running.

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

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