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Re: Un-asked-for-language support

On Wednesday 25 of November 2009 14:33:45 Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> So you want the default selection to be English only. I think
>  350 MB of disk space isn't worth the hassle for majority of
>  Fedora users (yes, the majority is not English) but that's
>  just me. I will stop here.

ahem, but *the majority* does not need support for *all* the 

the fact that I can speak not just English but also Czech and 
Slovak, and also a bit Russian, German and Polish, does *not* 
imply that I want to have installed support for e.g. Chinese, 
Arabic languages and whatever else

it is the same argument, as if you'd say "majority of our users 
use GNOME, so let's install all the GNOME packages by default to 
all despite the fact they have chosen KDE/XFCE/LXDE/whatever" 
(hey, that already happens with GNOME! - sad :-( )

and 350 MB multiplied by *all* the users is hell a lot of wasted 
space and bandwith


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::  easily be explained by stupidity."

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