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Re: Un-asked-for-language support

On Wednesday 25 of November 2009 16:47:23 Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> On 11/25/2009 09:17 PM, Karel Volný wrote:
> >>  Face it,  packages are always going to contain locale
> >>  information which you don't need.
> >
> > never say never ... or always :-)
> >
> > I remember seeing some discussion if it is doable to split
> > the localised data into separate packages - from what I
> > recall, the answer is positive in principle, so now it is
> > just waiting for someone to do the dirty job (btw, Gentoo
> > already does this for a lot of packages)
> Do you even realize how many thousands of new sub packages
>  your proposal would require

now when you ask ... yes

um, and I forgot that we are already splitting for some packages, 
for example KDE, OpenOffice, man-pages ... and also the input 
methods packages, and the fonts, are divided by the language, it 
is just the matter of not installing them by default (and making 
it convenient to do everything on demand)

>  and the cost of doing so in terms
>  of metadata increase etc?

yes - still much less than 350 MB + size of the unused 
localisation support for each package :-p

out of curiousity, I just checked one of our rpm based rivals, 
and OpenSUSE seems being fine without e.g. the Malayalam support 
installed by default


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