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Re: Un-asked-for-language support

On 11/25/2009 04:17 PM, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
On 11/25/2009 08:10 PM, Karel Volný wrote:
On Wednesday 25 of November 2009 14:33:45 Rahul Sundaram wrote:
So you want the default selection to be English only. I think
  350 MB of disk space isn't worth the hassle for majority of
  Fedora users (yes, the majority is not English) but that's
  just me. I will stop here.

ahem, but *the majority* does not need support for *all* the

Sure but then you are back again to picking only English by default
because you can't guess which languages are needed by which users and I
don't think it is a good choice.

Why not asking the user/installer for it?

Face it, packages are always going to
contain locale information which you don't need.

Right, but this isn't an excuse for a bloated default package install set.

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