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Re: Un-asked-for-language support

The distinction here is between languages which require input methods
and languages which don't. If you want to add, say, Russian
post-install, it's easy: install appropriate fonts - which you can do by
just going to a Russian website, thanks to PackageKit - and set an
appropriate keyboard layout.

For languages which require input methods, it isn't that simple. There's
no mechanism in Fedora, KDE or GNOME for installing and configuring the
input methods for languages which require them, post distribution
installation. Just installing appropriate fonts and a keyboard layout
isn't enough for writing in these languages.

The post-install case is simple enough: multi-user system, new user who
speaks Korean (or whichever input-method based language you like). Or,
as quite often happens, someone who has an existing Fedora installation
and decides to start learning Japanese or something, and wants to write
it on their computer.

There could be a better solution to this written, probably, if someone
had the time and dedication, but it's not simple. (I'm not entirely sure
why the input methods themselves need the fonts to be installed,

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

adam: as i proposed above, the english default can be completed by the choice made when selecting time zone. like choosing bucharest will give romanian, choosing berlin will give (aka select) german and so on. i don't really understand why adding input methods post install would be difficult. adn, of course, a rfe should be added to bugzilla :)

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