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Re: delta rebuild

> it's a simple way to compare whether the delta RPM thing is saving you
> any time. If that speed is faster than your download speed, it is...

Do you mean there is a parameter a user can employ to control the balance
between network and processor resources for an update?  I surmised the
object of the delta strategy was primarily to reduce data traffic at the
servers, with a secondary benefit of faster delivery to users with
small network bandwidth.

I have found the rebuild speeds displayed on my F12 test system
one-quarter to one-tenth of my network bandwidth.  This has not been
onerous, but certainly time would be saved if I could say "Do not use
delta rpms." to yum.

Recent experience has delivered the worst of both worlds: about half the
delta rpms fail integrity checks, and complete copies of those files have
to be downloaded after the delta rebuild failures.  An earlier post to
this list explained a format change causes these failures, and they will
abate as packages are rebuilt.

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