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Re: invisible icons in panel

On Sun, Oct 04, 2009 at 02:06:09PM -0600, Kevin DeKorte wrote:
> On 10/04/09 13:47, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> > I tested desktop-x86_64-20091002.15.iso and the icons for 
> > gnome-volume-control-applet, nm-applet, gnome-power-manger, and 
> > bluetooth are invisible in the panel.  You can mouse over the area 
> > where they should be and see their tooltips, click on them and use 
> > them, but they icons themselves are missing/invisible.
> > 
> I saw that as well, but the current rawhide doesn't seem to have that issue.

I believe I have current rawhide. "yum update" does nothing on this 
live CD.

[root localhost ~]# grep enabled=1 /etc/yum.repos.d/*
[root localhost ~]# yum update
Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
Setting up Update Process
No Packages marked for Update

I thought the gtk2-engines update caused this, so I downgraded to 
gtk2-engines-2.18.3-1.fc12.x86_64 and re-logged in and the problem 
disappeared.  Then I re-upgraded to gtk2-engines-2.18.4-1.fc12.x86_64, 
and the problem didn't come back.

Now I just rebooted the LiveCD, and the problem didn't happen the 
second time... very interesting considering that this Live image 
dosen't maintain state between boots...

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