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Re: 2009-10-05 - 16:00 UTC (12:00pm EDT) - Fedora QA meeting recap

Full transcript available at

= Attendees =

People Present (lines said):
* jlaska (111)
* adamw (38)
* wwoods (25)
* Oxf13 (24)
* kparal1 (17)
* skvidal (15)
* buggbot (5)
* poelcat (4)
* zodbot (2)
* brunowolff_ (1)
* Sir_Limpsalot (1)

* Liam Li (lili)
* He Rui (rhe)
* David Pravec (dpravec)

= Agenda =

[https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-October/msg00071.html Proposed meeting agenda]
[http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-10-05/fedora-meeting.2009-10-05-16.00.html meetbot summary]

== Preview Meeting follow-up ==


=== Anaconda dependency follow-up ===

Adamw reminded the group that we hadn't yet followed up on the previous
topic raised by dpravec around installer dependencies changing out from
under it.

F13 noted that there were discussions with RHT management reminding
folks that it was too late to make general (or feature) changes in

Jlaska asked what specific issues initiated this discussion.  Adamw and
f13 noted the recent nfs the lvm changes.

== AutoQA update ==

Wwoods wired up the UI, so members of the 'qa' group can now add/remove
test results for the manual tests (see
[http://wwoods.fedorapeople.org/screenshots/irb.png screenshot).  Also
decided to defer:
# sweet ajax UI junk and
# automating the yum/network tests until after irb.com completes

Reminder of the current roadmap:
https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/milestone/israwhidebroken.com.  Current
tasks include:
# get links back from israwhidebroken to autotest
# get it all running in production in public

Jlaska took an action item to sync up w/ mmcgrath to identify next steps
when the AutoQA hardware arrives in PHX2.

=== Packagediff update ===

Next, kparal updated the group on his packagediff activities.  The
intention is to alert on important changes between packages, hopefully
part of autoqa project in the future.  

Currently working 2 tickets:
# https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/53 - Investigate what rpmdiff
offers to our tests
# https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/54 - Write rpmdiff test

The code currently highlights changed dependencies, changed config
files, changed file modes and such stuff.  Wwoods suggested also
falgging added/removed binaries.  

Some discussion surfaced around whether Kparal's efforts were based on
an older RHT internal project called 'rpmdiff'.  Kparal's efforts are
entirely based on the ''rpmlint'' implementation of ''rpmdiff''.  Kparal
is currently waiting for some feedback on a few rpmdiff issues.  Skvidal
recommended reaching out to ville skytta.

== F-12-Beta QA Readiness ==

Jlaska asked the team for help preparing for the upcoming Go/No Go
decision at the upcoming rel-eng meeting.  The team informally walked
the remaining
[https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=F12Beta&hide_resolved=1 F12Beta blocker bugs].

F13 asked if any blocker bug candidates came out of the Test Day.  Aside
from {{bz|517260}} it wasn't clear yet whether any of the recorded test
day bugs
(https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-October/msg00058.html) where beta blockers.  Jlaska took an action item to catch up with clumens to help review the list.  So far, the only Test day bugs raised to the beta blocker list are:

* {{bz|526842}} ASSIGNED - Firstboot not run after installation
* {{bz|517260}} ASSIGNED - liveinst fails at partitioning screeen
* {{bz|523862}} CLOSED RAWHIDE - mdadm craps at boot

Adamw expressed concern around the missing panel icon bug noted on the
list by Chuck Anderson (see
https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-October/msg00058.html).  Turns out this is {{bz|510249}}.  Mclasen already evaluated and recommended fixing this issue post-Beta.

Jlaska asked for wwoods and skvidal expertise on rhe's preupgrade {{bz|
526208}}.  It's a bug in the F-11 package, but would potentially impact
anyone using preupgrade to upgrade from F-11 to F-12.  Skvidal intended
to investigate the UI issue after the meeting.

Jlaska asked if {{bz|526535}} should be moved into MODIFIED given a
package was built and testing requested on fedora-devel-list (see
https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2009-October/msg00154.html).  Adamw asked what the policy is with regards to MODIFIED bugs.  Does MODIFIED mean a package is built and a tag request is submitted?  F13 proposed that MODIFIED means a fix is available, but not yet tested or included in the product.  This seems to hold when adding the freeze 'tagging' procedure into the mix.

== Upcoming QA events ==

Jlaska did a ''speedy'' walk through of upcoming QA related events

* 2009-10-05 - F12 Beta go/no_go meeting (@  18:00pm - rel-eng meeting)
* 2009-10-06 - [[BugZappers/Meetings]]
* 2009-10-07 - Beta Project Wide Release Readiness Meeting
* 2009-10-08 - [[Test_Day:2009-10-08|RAID Test Day]]
* 2009-10-13 - F12 Beta availability

== Open floor - <your topic here> ==

No open discussion topics were raised.

= Action items =

# jlaska to catch up with mmcgrath on delivery of autoqa hardware to PHX
# jlaska - sync-up with clumens to identify any blocking issues from
# poelcat to check in on beta blocker status of 510249

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