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New BugZapper


My name is Giovanni Tirloni and I'd be glad to help the BugZappers team. I live in Campinas (BR), not too far from Sao Paulo.

I have experience using Linux since Red Hat 4.0 and I was pretty active in the FreeBSD scene for a few years. Lately I've been working with application support and I stayed a bit away from it all. However I'm looking forward to become active again in the open source community and thought contributing to the Fedora project would be the best way to start :)

I've also some experience writing Python & Shell Script code and also tweaking C and Java whenever needed.

At home I've got a server working with a dedicated hypervisor and Fedora Rawhide and CentOS installed. I think this will allow me to create VMs as needed to replicate bugs and play around. My focus is really server and network-related stuff so I'm not too experienced with Linux desktop environments.

 Looking forward to contribute!

Thank you,

Giovanni P. Tirloni
tirloni gmail com

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