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Re: firstboot resolution [Was: Re: any list for test installing f12 beta on my x86_64 laptop?]

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Vedran Mileti? wrote:

> The reason for this resolution is probably that X thinks you have
> one more screen and then stretches firstboot over it.
> Second reason would be that Xpress 200 and Xpress 200M support in X
> is actually really, really bad, and broken in many cases. Not to
> mention that there are multiple versions of this chip, and each one
> is slightly different. Provide lspci -vnn for your card in your bug
> report.
> But, from what I understand, you actually have a working KMS?

  just to beat this soundly to death, i took a snap of dmesg from the
system -- here's what looks like the relevant bit (note the ERROR a
few lines in):

dracut: dracut-002-13.4.git8f397a9b.fc12
udev: starting version 145
[drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
usb 3-2: new low speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 2
[drm] radeon defaulting to kernel modesetting.
[drm] radeon kernel modesetting enabled.
radeon 0000:01:05.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 17 (level, low) -> IRQ 17
[drm] radeon: Initializing kernel modesetting.
[drm] register mmio base: 0xD0100000
[drm] register mmio size: 65536
[drm] GPU reset succeed (RBBM_STATUS=0x00000140)
[drm:rs400_gart_adjust_size] *ERROR* Forcing to 32M GART size (because of ASIC bug ?)
[drm] Generation 2 PCI interface, using max accessible memory
[drm] Clocks initialized !
[drm] radeon: 4 quad pipes, 1 z pipes initialized.
Failed to wait MC idle while programming pipes. Bad things might happen.
[drm] radeon: VRAM 64M
[drm] radeon: VRAM from 0x2C000000 to 0x2FFFFFFF
[drm] radeon: GTT 32M
[drm] radeon: GTT from 0x30000000 to 0x31FFFFFF
Failed to wait MC idle while programming pipes. Bad things might happen.
[drm] radeon: irq initialized.
[drm] Detected VRAM RAM=64M, BAR=64M
[drm] RAM width 128bits DDR
[TTM] Zone  kernel: Available graphics memory: 338398 kiB.
[drm] radeon: 64M of VRAM memory ready
[drm] radeon: 32M of GTT memory ready.
[drm] GART: num cpu pages 8192, num gpu pages 8192
[drm] radeon: cp idle (0x10000C03)
[drm] Loading R300 Microcode
platform radeon_cp.0: firmware: requesting radeon/R300_cp.bin
[drm] radeon: ring at 0x0000000030000000
[drm] ring test succeeded in 0 usecs
[drm] radeon: ib pool ready.
[drm] ib test succeeded in 0 usecs
[drm] radeon: kernel modesetting successfully initialized.
[drm] Default TV standard: NTSC
[drm] 14.318180000 MHz TV ref clk
[drm] Panel ID String: SEC
[drm] Panel Size 1280x800
[drm] Radeon Display Connectors
[drm] Connector 0:
[drm]   VGA
[drm]   DDC: 0x68 0x68 0x68 0x68 0x68 0x68 0x68 0x68
[drm]   Encoders:
[drm]     CRT1: INTERNAL_DAC2
[drm] Connector 1:
[drm]   LVDS
[drm]   DDC: 0x1a0 0x1a0 0x1a0 0x1a0 0x1a0 0x1a0 0x1a4 0x1a4
[drm]   Encoders:
[drm] Connector 2:
[drm]   S-video
[drm]   Encoders:
[drm]     TV1: INTERNAL_DAC2
usb 3-2: New USB device found, idVendor=046d, idProduct=c00e
usb 3-2: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
usb 3-2: Product: USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse
usb 3-2: Manufacturer: Logitech
usb 3-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
input: Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:13.1/usb3/3-2/3-2:1.0/input/input6
generic-usb 0003:046D:C00E.0001: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.10 Mouse [Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse] on usb-0000:00:13.1-2/input0
async/0 used greatest stack depth: 3840 bytes left
[drm] fb mappable at 0xD4040000
[drm] vram apper at 0xD4000000
[drm] size 4096000
[drm] fb depth is 24
[drm]    pitch is 5120
[drm] LVDS-11: set mode 1280x800 19
[drm] crtc 1 is connected to a TV
[drm] TV-9: set mode 800x600 1a

  and now, i will move on to other issues.


Robert P. J. Day                               Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

        Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry.

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