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Re: progress report: f12 beta x86_64 on gateway mx7120

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Adam Williamson wrote:

> On Wed, 2009-10-14 at 08:58 -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > my biggest worry regarding this install was whether video would
> > work properly (ati radeon xpress 200M).  after the installation
> > (which seemed to go fine), the reboot brought me back to the
> > firstboot(?) stuff, at which point the resolution being used was
> > off to the point where the "Cancel" and whatever other buttons
> > that are normally at the lower right were completely invisible --
> > they were clearly off the border of the display somewhere in that
> > direction.
> >
> >   the only way i could get thru that firstboot content was to use TAB
> > and guess which button i was pressing.  i eventually got through that
> > and logged in, at which point "xdpyinfo" told me it was using a
> > resolution of 2080x800, when the actual display res is only 1280x800.
> in addition to the root cause of this, which we're discussing
> elsewhere, it occurs to me that this is probably also a bug in
> firstboot (or, more specifically, in whatever WM we're using to run
> firstboot). it shouldn't span the firstboot window across both
> displays - even when you can see both, that's going to look silly.
> I'll look into this further and file a bug if/where appropriate.

  ok.  just FYI, i rebooted and i'm back at xdpyinfo claiming i have
2080x800 res.  i'll leave it there just in case you want me to try
something else.


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