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F12 comments and questions

It has been a few years since I followed/tested the Fedora development cycle.  
I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quality of the process, the 
responsiveness of the maintainers/developers, and the quality of the resulting 
product ... a really good job!  I am pleased enough with F12 that I plan to 
upgrade all of my F11 systems to F12 when F12 is released and I have not 
updated like this in years (I recently upgraded from F9 to F11).

I am hoping that the recently described problems with the X server and 
firstboot are not a show-stopper for the Beta and that the Beta does appear 
next week so that I can give installing it a try.  For all intents and 
purposes, I am running the beta now since I have kept my real (baremetal) F12 
systems updated and well as installing the F12beta release candidates as qemu-
kvm guests.  But, when the beta is out, I will re-install using the beta DVD 
to make sure that works.

As I said, it has been a few years since I followed the development process.  
I assume that the current lack of additional rawhide updates is so that a 
"good" beta release could be done and that updates will resume once the beta 
DVD, etc. have been cut ... is this correct?

I also assume that the addition of function is now frozen with the beta and 
that only bug fix updates will be added to rawhide ... correct?


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