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Re: F12 comments and questions

On Wed, 2009-10-14 at 18:58 -0400, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> It has been a few years since I followed/tested the Fedora development cycle.  
> I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quality of the process, the 
> responsiveness of the maintainers/developers, and the quality of the resulting 
> product ... a really good job!  I am pleased enough with F12 that I plan to 
> upgrade all of my F11 systems to F12 when F12 is released and I have not 
> updated like this in years (I recently upgraded from F9 to F11).

I'm glad you've had a great experience, but I'd be 'testing' each
machine before just assuming f12 is good to go.

I'm having nightmares (which are slowly being dealt with).  I'm pretty
sure there a number of issues I will need to file bugs on (for example,
pressing the eject button doesn't eject the disk in f11) but until I can
run the desktop for more than a minute or so without a near total lockup
then it's hard to really contribute in any other way.

I'm on a Dell Studio XPS so it's relatively modern hardware, but it's
not exactly cutting edge.  It's the ATI video card that seems to be
causing most of the issues.

I've been wondering for some time whether a serious review of the way
bugs are 'triaged' and resources are applied isn't needed.  While I'm
happy that other bugs for 'less vital[1]' parts of F12 are being
addressed, I would have thought that basic system requirements like X,
the kernel should just work, and if they don't, then extra effort should
be put into addressing these issues.

As justification for this, I'm happy to contribute, but without a
working X I can't really help out until the problem is resolved, which
I'm sure everyone would admit is a big stumbling block.  Hands up anyone
who thinks it matters that <their favorite application> has a bug, if
they can't get X running to use <their favorite application>.  It's fair
to say that <their favorite application>, working or otherwise, is
pointless without a platform to run it on.

Anyhow, I'd running a live CD before upgrading lock, stock and barrel to
f12.  Not everyone's experiences have been so positive as yours.


[1] I know less vital is vague, but I would class being able to run an
alternative web browser as a less important bug than making sure that X
works and is stable, as an example.

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