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F12 -hang on boot - NetworkManger problem?

I have F12_x86_64 installed from alpha ISO and kept up to date
with a yum update. (running on a intel core2-duo)

I am always getting a hang on boot at the stage of..
      Starting system message bus.

It waits at this point for just over 10 minutes, then
continues through normally to runlevel 5.

Errors in /var/log/messages say

nss_ldap: failed to bind to LDAP server ......can't contact LDAP server

It repeats  this many times while starting the dbus-daemon and eventually times out.
It repeats  the error through automountd and rpc.statd
and then finally NetworkManager runs again and starts the network

Where should I report this as a bug? and against what...
Network manager for not getting its act together earlier or
general init.d boot script order..??

In an F10 install we had to remove NetworkManager to get a
working system.
Currently I'm testing F11 and F12alpha and F11 works fine.
(on the same hardware machines)

Any help or pointers on what to report greatly received.


Peter Glassenbury			Computer Science department
pete cosc canterbury ac nz		University of Canterbury
+64 3 3642987 ext 7762			New Zealand

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