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Fedora12 Beta RC2 install test status


As the Fedora12 Beta RC2 install test is coming to the end,we still have some test cases which can not be executed,because these cases are related to special hardware,such as Raid on ppc platform,scsi disk ,mdraid,etc,more details,please see test result matrix at:

If you have those special hardware,please execute corresponding test cases and post your test results.Our testing is still in progress,for any tester, your test result is still valuable

The following bugs are filed or still exist during this install testing:
526789    NEW             Install didn't reboot at the end
528794 NEW yaboot-1.3.19-20.debug does not netboot on IBM Power6 eclipz 505189 NEW KeyError: <yuminstall.AnacondaYumRepo object at 0x7f2055079a10>
528537    ASSIGNED        fails to get kickstart file over nfs
526925 ASSIGNED [Back] button does not have a corresponding icon (like [Next] does)
528222    NEW              LiveCD intermittently gets stuck during shutdown
515905 NEW Boot F-12-Alpha CD using kickstart with nfs repository fails
528537    ASSIGNED         fails to get kickstart file over nfs.
528789 CLOSED RAWHIDE Checking "[ ] Hide RAID device/volume group members" has no affect 526745 NEW <3>Out of memory: kill process 262 (anaconda) score 3089 or a child 526975 MODIFIED AttributeError: 'LVMPhysicalVolume' object has no attribute 'mapName' 526021 ASSIGNED f12 beta failed to boot on ppc platform after autopart and encrypted installation
517491    ASSIGNED         Anaconda fails if filesystem should be shrunk
529170 NEW anaconda did not prompt to save log after an error occurred 528815 NEW RAID1 '/' and Noswap results in - parent device does not exist
528819    NEW              FSError: filesystem has not been created
528497 MODIFIED FirstAidKit does not start when using F-12-Beta rescue mode from disc1.iso 516206 CLOSED RAWHIDE Traceback debug mode fails on ppc64 - SystemError: (22, 'Invalid argument')
505959    ASSIGNED         anaconda acting up
526208    MODIFIED         preupgrade failed from old release(f10, f11)
529178 NEW Traceback debug mode fails - black screen only with a mouse


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