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Re: F12 -hang on boot - NetworkManger problem?

On Thu, 2009-10-15 at 18:28 +1300, Peter Glassenbury (CSSE) wrote:
> The above change to bind_policy and shortening the timelimits
> has no hang.. Gives the following ERROR (in red on startup)
> but then continues on and appears to come up OK and in reasonable
> time.
> Starting NFS daemon: rpc.nfsd: unable to resolve ANYADDR: nfs to inet
> address: Name or service not known
> So the workaround works -- is it a bug to be reported?
> Pete
possibly is a bug worth reporting but I think it's easily fixed.

If you open system-config-network, select your primary NIC and choose
'Edit' you can uncheck the box called 'Controlled by NetworkManager' and
check the box 'Activate device when computer starts'

At that point, you run the commands...

chkconfig NetworkManager off
chkconfig network on

and you should be good at next bootup.

If you prefer not using GUI tools, the file we are editing is likely


and the values we are changing...



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