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Re: Fedora12 Beta RC2 install test status

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On 10/15/09 08:18, Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
> On 10/15/2009 06:56 AM, Liam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> <snip>
>> If you have those special hardware,please execute corresponding test
>> cases and post your test results.Our testing is still in progress,for
>> any tester, your test result is still valuable
>> <snip>
>> Thanks
>> Liam
> I couldn't see where this fit in to the test matrix,  Bug 525798 -  x
> server failing during custom layout.  The bz has been reassigned outside
> of anaconda, but the modesetting for an RV630 is only a problem with
> anaconda and not with an installed system.  I have to put nomodeset on
> the kernel cmd line to prevent this bug, but not on the resulting
> installed system.  I have reported this condition two different times
> and each time I am asked for the logs, even tho the bz states that the
> system is dead and I can't get the logs.  To add spice, if I very
> carefully avoid mouse wheel movements when not specifying nomodeset, I
> can *sometimes* avoid the lockup.


If you add pcie_aspm=off to the kernel line, can you boot and work the
machine _without_ specifying nomodeset. On my machine, I would get
lockups in KMS mode within minutes of booting the machine. I worked with
Dave Airlied and we found that this option helped on my machine, so I am
trying to see how many people are affected by this.

pcie_aspm is a power management control that is enabled by an Fedora
kernel patch.


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