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f12 beta rc2 rescue doesn't work?

I have qemu/kvm with host based on f11 x86_64 and rawvirt repo.
I have a guest that is a rawhide pre beta x86_64.
This guest has some problem in root fs and I want to use f12 beta rc2 to rescue it.
I start guest from cd that actually is the iso downloaded (sha256sum is ok) and select "rescue installed system" option from menu.
In installation window I get the choose language, choose keyboard and then, strange, the select partition window .... it seems it is searching the installation image for fedora as when you install from hard disk?????
I get the attached screen shot in console 3 if it may be useful.

If instead I do the same but in first screen I select "install or upgrade system" it works ok, in the sense that I arrive up to the window when it asks if I want to reinstall or upgrade; then I power off.
Available to test further if needed

I see in rescue mode the stage2=hd..... option in command line that I thought wrong..... and cause of the problem, but actually also in working install contains the hd ..

Any hints?


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