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Re: Fedora 12 Beta now available!

Jesse Keating wrote:

> Kernel mode setting (KMS) support, which was
> introduced on AMD hardware in Fedora 10 and
> extended to Intel hardware in Fedora 11

KMS never worked and still does not work on F11 on 
Intel laptop 915GM i686 PAE.

I reported the bug back in March (see now closed bug 
488824), but it was simply ignored. KMS remains 
unusable on this machine to this day on F11 and Desktop 
Effects are automatically disabled and cannot be 
enabled manually, not on 915GM, nor on my desktop Intel 
965G. The Intel graphical system is sorely handicapped 
in F11 with Intel.

As a result, with the release of F12α, I migrated both 
of my systems and closed the bug, since no action had 
ever been taken nor response to the bug given.

I closed the bug after I migrated my machines to the 
sensational F12α, where these features truly do work, 
giving the 'worksforme' reason (although it obviously 
does not work for me on F11!

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