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Re: Fedora 12 Beta now available!

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009, Petrus de Calguarium wrote:

> Adam Williamson wrote:
> > I think the extent of changes to the intel driver and X server in
> > F12 make it unlikely
> I fully realize that. Graphics in general were severely broken in
> Fedora 11 and it was not the fault of Fedora. Fedora is a cutting
> edge distribution, which is one among a number of reasons why I
> choose and stick with it, but this means that sometimes things don't
> work (not to the point of making the system unusable, of course, but
> necessitating disabling features temporarily). X, Mesa, KMS, Intel
> were all in utter disarray and none the fault of Fedora -- Fedora 11
> just happened to come out during this period of instability.
> Unfortunately for users of Fedora 11, the now working X Server has
> not been made available, which is why I migrated to Fedora 12.
> Fedora 12 rocks! All of the stuff that was in a transitional state
> since the springtime has now really come of age! And that includes
> KDE, the skeletal state of which didn't help Fedora 11 much. This is
> going to be a killer release!

  i am *so* going to stress test this with my ati radeon systems.
don't get me started on that story.  :-(


p.s.  i know there's a general test page, but is there a specific list
of ATI driver testing?


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