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F12 beta was available so I downloaded the DVD iso ... that was a waste of 
bandwidth since it was identical to F12-Beta RC2.

Anyway, I had already installed a couple of copies of RC2 into qemu-kvm guests 
so it was time to install this on bare-metal.

My test system already had F12-rawhide installed with all current updates but, 
afterall, this is a test of the install ... so I did another install ... my 
test system supports four, separate bootable systems (combinations of /boot 
partitions and LVM logical volumes for root).

OK, boot it up and start configuring it, updating (I did a DVD-only install), 
etc.  Well, one of the things this system does is run qemu-kvm so I had 
selected Virtualization during the install.  My guest disk images are all on a 
separate logical volume which I mount on /.var/lib/libvirt/images but the 
system definition/configuration files are separate.  When I went to copy them 
from the old system I found the was no place to copy them to ... /etc/libvirt/ 
was missing.  Further checking showed that the libvirt rpm was not installed 
... this is easy enought to fix but it should not have happened ... it should 
have been installed when I selected virtualization.

So, what package do I BZ against? [that is, if it has not been already BZed]


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