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Re: checksum/disk theories?

Tom Horsley wrote:

Yea, I tried doing an echo and they sure looked like the right
order. My best guess at the moment is some sort of intermittent
bit dropping in the usb stick, but it takes a long time to

Are USB sticks and such inherently that slow? I've got 20 Mbytes/sec and better off laptop drives in enclosures, but haven't used the sticks much as they're too small or too expensive. However, I bought a card reader and was dismayed to find ot takes 70 minutes and more to copy a full 4Gbyte CF disk (Sandisk Ultra II) supposedly capable of 15 Mbytes/sec.

copy that much data, so I'm not really up for doing lots of
different tests, at least I finally got the files on my system.



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