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FUDcon fun?

Hi, folks. In the Bugzappers meeting this morning, we were discussing
the possibilities for FUDCon Toronto, which for those who don't know is
taking place in Toronto (duh) in December. December 5-7, to be precise.
More details on the event are in the Wiki:


now, if enough of us are going to be there we can plan some exciting
QA / BugZappers-related events. For now we know that pretty much the
whole Red Hat Fedora QA group is going to be there, and some Bugzappers
volunteers too. The more who can come along, the merrier. If you can
come, you can fill your name in on the list on the Wiki page, and it'd
be good to let the list know too.

Some funding is available for those who have trouble covering travel /
hotel costs, but it's fairly limited. You can indicate on the attendance
table if you need funding - fill in your name but mark the 'funding'
column to show that you need money. Get it done before Thursday as
that's the date of the next meeting to allocate funds. Explaining why
you're awesome and deserve money in the 'comments' column may help :)
there are various money-saving tips on travel and lodging on the Wiki
page - there's a bus running from Boston, and room sharing arrangements
are being made in the Wiki table.

Hope we can get a decent turnout there! it's always good to meet people

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

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