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Re: Oops

Hi Gene,

On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 19:39 -0400, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> F12 beta was available so I downloaded the DVD iso ... that was a waste of 
> bandwidth since it was identical to F12-Beta RC2.
> Anyway, I had already installed a couple of copies of RC2 into qemu-kvm guests 
> so it was time to install this on bare-metal.
> My test system already had F12-rawhide installed with all current updates but, 
> afterall, this is a test of the install ... so I did another install ... my 
> test system supports four, separate bootable systems (combinations of /boot 
> partitions and LVM logical volumes for root).
> OK, boot it up and start configuring it, updating (I did a DVD-only install), 
> etc.  Well, one of the things this system does is run qemu-kvm so I had 
> selected Virtualization during the install.  My guest disk images are all on a 
> separate logical volume which I mount on /.var/lib/libvirt/images but the 
> system definition/configuration files are separate.  When I went to copy them 
> from the old system I found the was no place to copy them to ... /etc/libvirt/ 
> was missing.  Further checking showed that the libvirt rpm was not installed 
> ... this is easy enought to fix but it should not have happened ... it should 
> have been installed when I selected virtualization.

Oops, indeed. I've filed this here:


Thanks for finding this, it's a very serious issue that could have crept
by unnoticed.


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