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Re: checksum/disk theories?

On Wednesday 21 of October 2009 01:44:13 Tom Horsley wrote:
> I have the f12 Beta dvd images run through "split -b 1G" on
> a vfat usb stick. For both the i36 and the x86_64 images
> when I do something like this:
> cat Fedora-12-Beta-x86_64-DVD.isoa* >
>  ~/Fedora-12-Beta-x86_64-DVD.iso
> The sha256sum -c fails on the resulting file :-(. (The
>  checksums checked OK on the original files I downloaded).

something like that happened to me too ...

I needed to copy a really huge file via ssh over slow Internet 
connection, that got disconnected from time to time

so I had split the file in parts

I've run md5sum on the transferred parts to ensure everything was 
copied ok

still, after getting the pieces together, the checksum on the 
combined file failed

I've tried that several times (including splitting and 
transferring again) with no success

I wanted to file a bug, but eventually, I got to the other place 
with notebook and copied the data over local network, then I 
forgot about the case

so, please, try to reproduce the problem, and file the bug for me 

(and no, I do not suspect my hardware - copying huge files is 
without any problem, no other checksum has ever failed on any of 
those two involved machines, so it would be really strange that 
checking all the pieces passes, and magically there creeps in 
some bad bit on each try to combine those pieces)


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