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Re: checksum/disk theories?

Karel Voln wrote:
On Wednesday 21 of October 2009 01:44:13 Tom Horsley wrote:
I have the f12 Beta dvd images run through "split -b 1G" on
a vfat usb stick. For both the i36 and the x86_64 images
when I do something like this:

cat Fedora-12-Beta-x86_64-DVD.isoa* >

The sha256sum -c fails on the resulting file :-(. (The
 checksums checked OK on the original files I downloaded).

something like that happened to me too ...

I needed to copy a really huge file via ssh over slow Internet connection, that got disconnected from time to time

I expect that if you can use ssh, you can also use rsync. With suitable options (and they are legion), rsync will happily resume and, if you exercise some skill, repair large files.

Don't use checksum on a public server you don't own, I was discussing this with Jason from planetmirror one time and apparently it can kill the server.

Or sftp, but I've not used that much to find out about its resume/recovery options.



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