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Re: first experience with f12 beta

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
On 10/22/2009 07:19 AM, John Summerfield wrote:
Oh, over-zealous security nazis.[1] Easily defeated. Boot with the option

It gets you a shell (bash) and, with any luck, initrd has found your
disks so you can run fsck on everything.

1 So described because, alone, the effort is so futile. Give me physical
access, I own the system. Unless you use encryption.

Encryption is not as full proof as you imagine.


Sounds like stoned...

Even so, it's quite a bit more difficult.

Use BIOS passwords, grub passwords and all anyone needs to do is pop the disk into another computer,that's why I said "physical access."

I suppose that if I created a live Fedora disk with some attractive features, there's a good chance some here would be foolish enough to download it and run it, but I had in mind any computer, not just those with gullible owners.



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