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Re: yum

Muayyad AlSadi wrote:
The question arose in my mind when I tried to remove some package, I don't recall what it was now, but yum wanted to remove rpm as well.

make sure you don't have remove with leaves enabled
or at least make sure it's configured to deal with libs

I don't understand what you're saying there, but if yum queries the user's intentions when any critical package is being removed, I don't see there would be a problem.

Python might not be marked as critical, rpm requires it and so would prevent its accidental removal.

are you sure ? cuz rpm says other wise

[alsadi pc1 Thawab]$ rpm -qR rpm | grep -i python || echo "no python"
no python

I don't have a usable Fedora any more, so I couldn't check. If rpm doesn't require python, no matter, it can be removed.

rpm-build requires perl, so if rpm-build were critical then perl would inherit the attribute.



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