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Re: yum

> I don't understand what you're saying there, but if yum queries the user's intentions when any critical package is being removed, I don't see there would be a problem.

if you got a remove-with-leaves plugin installed then unneeded leaf
packages will be uninstalled automatically check the plugins you have

ls /usr/lib/yum-plugins/

[alsadi pc1 Thawab]$ yum -C list '*leaves*'
Available Packages

[alsadi pc1 Thawab]$ yum -C info yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves

if you don't know the config files ask rpm with
rpm -qc yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves

so if you don't have such remove with leaves plugin, then you got a
different problem and it's not the reason why yum offered you to
remove rpm.

> I don't have a usable Fedora any more, so I couldn't check. If rpm doesn't require python, no matter, it can be removed.
> rpm-build requires perl, so if rpm-build were critical then perl would inherit the attribute.

is there an RHEL clone which does not contain rpm ?
there is a proverb which says "those who don't have can't give"
which means that in order to submit suggestions to yum you should use it first.

BTW: rpmbuild is not critical, because not all users want to build rpm packages.

in yum world there is a concept of groups (defined in comps file)
among the groups there is a group called core which is defined to be
the Smallest possible installation
another group is admin-tools ..etc.
so we know what are the critical packages, but different installations
got different selections
for example to some people "core" is not sufficient, they need "base",
other needs even more like "base-x" ..etc.

> I see a lot of yum plugins listed but uninstalled, I don't know what most of them do. Perhaps more of them should be installed as part of the  base installation, and users directed to configure them.

yum info is your friend.

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