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Re: long standing aggravation

On Wednesday 21 October 2009 17:50:36 Tom Horsley wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Oct 2009 17:24:52 -0400
> Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> > Can someone explain how anaconda figures out boot/disk order and is there
> > some guarantee that the algorithm will not change between Fedora
> > releases?
> I can't answer any of your other questions, but because I have watched
> it over many releases, I can guarantee that the disk order is
> randomly changed in just about every release :-(.

Yes, I noticed.

I really do not understand the problem with anaconda.

I did a "quick" test: bootup the distribution DVD in rescue mode for Fedora 8, 
Fedora 9, Fedora 11, and Fedora 12-Beta.  After bootup do:
     cat  /proc/scsi/scsi

On Fedora 8 and Fedora 9, the DVD drive was the first listed (scsi0) whereas on 
Fedora 11 and Fedora 12-Beta the DVD drive was the last listed (scsi4).

For the three disk drives, they were in the same order as shown by the BIOS -- 
1.5TB disk first followed by the 1.0 TB disks.  The important thing is that the 
order was identical in all cases.

So, if /proc/scsi/scsi can be created correctly, why can't anaconda do it?

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