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Re: F12 beta live installs

Sitat Adam Williamson <awilliam redhat com>:
> I believe it's only meant to set the keyboard layout *for GDM* (if you
> set your username and password with, oh, a Russian keyboard layout,
> trying to enter them with an English one is unlikely to work
> spectacularly well :>). I could be wrong here, though.

You would quickly run into the same problem with a Norwegian keyboard if
your password contained anyting outside a-z0-9.

>From a user perspective I would expect that the keyboard I selected during
install also was the default at the login screen (Isn't it a valid
assumption for a desktop OS that the keyboard used during install will be
permanently attached), and what I used to log in would be the default for
that session. Wouldn't that be far more user friendly?

> > No 'desktop effects'. Hope nouveau gets there soon...
> 3D is Hard, unfortunately. Especially when you have to reverse-engineer
> everything (there's no specs for NVIDIA hardware). We are getting there,
> though. Ben has somewhat-working compiz with a few artifacts on a few
> NVIDIA chipsets, at this point in time. Give it a year or so, is my
> guess, depending on your chipset.

It must be a wonderful challenge... It would have been very fun to have the
spare time for that kind of project. From my user perspective I would rather
have nvidia turn around and learn from Intel and lately ATI/AMD. Even those
are big challenges but at least documentation exists. The Nouveau developers
have chosen a real 'mission impossible' and are actually getting there. I am
very, very impressed.

> > Did a yum update and rebooted. Got the superblock in the future error.
> Yes, 
> > I am east of Greenwich. A lot of us are. Make it part of your testing
> of 
> > all packages, please. The evolution-mapi connector is full of such time
> > zone errors as well. I didn't work around this issue, as I was ready to
> > reinstall.

Is it possible to search the source of all packages for constructs that
assume GMT offset is positive? Or perhaps add testing with negative time
zones to some list of recommended test procedures?


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