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Fedora 12 seems to have some good improvements as far as making it easy to 
report bugs (send reports to bugzilla).  For example, when an SELinux problem 
occurs, you can send a report to BZ using setroubleshoot ... it packages all 
the info, you feed it your BZ id and password and off the report goes ... neat!

Then there is the new abrt.  It is suppose to detect "application" crashes and 
then allow the user to report the problem ... great idea ... but ...

I may be missing something but documentation for abrt seems a bit light.  
Furthermore, I do not understand how problems are handled ... or maybe I have 
found some abrt bugs ... I don't know.

There are a lot of BZ reports against abrt but one that hits home to me is 

Until I saw this report, I did not know that I would need to invoke abrt-gui 
as root to see a number of the reports.  This should be fixed!  A user should 
not need to su to root and then run abrt-gui from the command line to do 
reporting on things like kerneloops ... in fact, until you do this, you may be 
completely unaware of such problems.

I suggest that this be fixed BEFORE F12 is released!


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