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Re: Beta on Beta: VMware Workstation 7 RC on F12B?

On 10/25/2009 03:59 PM, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
First, thanks to James for helping me solve the problem. Switching to
permissive mode allowed Workstation to install and run without any
further problems.

Next, the *concept* is actually this:
We're running B-E-T-A software here. That means we must do things to
find out how ALL software works on it, regardless of its license. This
isn't a misbehaving 3rd party closed source application. It's a 3rd
party application which is making a request that the selinux targeted
policy doesn't know anything about. We switch to permissive mode to flag
the issue in selinux and then report it. The selinux people then are
able to troubleshoot and resolve the problem by updating the targeted
policy accordingly.

So - to the the selinux folks: The issue appears to be that VMware
Workstation 7 RC is requesting access to portrelease, which makes sense
when you think of how it needs to set up virtual networks. Looks like it
may also be happening in F11. The fix is to create a policy for this to
be allowed for this application.

I will try to collect the bug and file a BZ for it next opportunity.

1) Switch to VirtualBox or KVM/QEMU. You'll notice a better experience immediately.

2) Filing a bug against SELinux for a VMWare bug will be closed. Fedora doesn't care about closed source binary software.

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