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Re: F12beta: yum update --skip-broken via gui?

On Sun, 25 Oct 2009, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

On 10/23/2009 05:08 PM, Jurgen Kramer wrote:
I've just installed F12beta (x86_64) in a KVM virtual machine without
problems. When trying to update through System->Administration->Software
Update it failed because of a missing dependency. Not really a surprise
there. I then update through a yum update --skip-broken, that worked.

Is there a way to do a '--skip-broken' via de gui updater? That would be
a really useful feature. Now you have to find the misbehaving package(s)
and deselect them before you can do a update. To longer the list of

PackageKit already uses --skip-broken by default anyway. So the problem
was likely something like a conflict which cannot be detected before the
transaction (unlike a dependency failure) and hence would not be solved
via --skip-broken.

file-conflicts can't be detected before the ts - but explicit conflicts can.


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