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Re: Beta on Beta: VMware Workstation 7 RC on F12B?

On 10/25/2009 5:40 PM, James Cassell wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Oct 2009 17:33:56 -0400, David <dgboles gmail com> wrote:
>> The proper solution would be the Bugzilla report that you mentioned
>> and/or asking the nice folks (read experts here) on the Fedora SELinux
>> list for help and/or asking on the VMware forum instead of breaking the
>> lock and making it easy for all of the potential 'bad guys' to enter.
> So, this is a valid thing for which to file a bug?  In the past, I have
> gotten negative feedback whenever I filed a bug that had to do with
> anything proprietary (e.g., nVidia driver.)  Tangentially related, is it
> valid for me to file a bug about the fedoraproject.org website not
> working in the proprietary Opera web browser?  (This is a larger
> annoyance to me than the SElinux and VMware problem.)

I can not speak about VMware Player. Beta or otherwise. I have never
used it. I don't have a need for it. If I needed a VM I would use
Virtualbox. If I had need of a Windows environment I would duel boot
Fedora and Windows.

As for 'Fedora 12 to-be' being a beta? I have used the rolling Fedora
alpha/beta named Rawhide for several years. Since Fedora Core 5 was in
development. I have always considered it more of a cutting edge than a
beta at any time during that development stage.

You do understand just why you got the "negative feedback" about Nvidia
correct? Since the code is no OSS they can not fix it or help you.


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