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New BugZapper Introduction

Hello all,

Pending my membership approval of course, I'm sending this e-mail as per

	Andrew Vliet

IRC Nick:
	andrew_vliet (at) hotmail (dot) com
	arvliet (at) gmail (dot) com

Experience (Fedora):
	I've been using Fedora since the release of Fedora 10 as an OS for
laptop, server, desktop, and remotely serviceable client machines in
both English and Português.  I've been seeing great potential in it,
plan to keep using it, and would like to show my gratitude by helping
push the project forward.  

Beyond Fedora, I was a software tester a few years ago for a proprietary
cross platform unified authentication suite.  I've been, an in-house
Windows programmer, Network Administrator for big oil, and System
Administrator for several different sectors.  During the past 10 years,
before, during, and after the aforementioned jobs, I have been doing
System admin and contracting for small / medium businesses.  The current
focus is on complete, managed office solutions, cross platform
integrations, and office automation / computerized solutions.  

Granted, I don't play a lot of games, but that said - five years ago, I
went Windows-less on my personal network, and haven't looked back.  My
business equipment is mostly Linux and FOSS save for the no-other-option
support, devel, and troubleshooting units.  

I've been a FOSS supporter and promoter from the good ol' days of
Mandrake Linux ┬┐3.2? when I put it on my Toshiba 430 CDS.  Took me
nearly a week to download on 28.8 dial-up and another 3 days to install,
but /damn/ it was wicked cool.  More recently I have been implementing
solutions such as OpenOffice.org, Clam, IPS, Checkpoint, SAMBA, FTP,
Apache, OpenVPN, Citrix, Windows Server 2003, BIND, FreeSwitch,
softphones, off site data backup, etc.  Basically anything that will fit
the business requirements, so - all sorts of good stuff.  

	I live in the great frozen north (Canada).  Have a thing for ethics and
the teachings of Tenzin Gyatso in particular.  Ride motorbike(s) -
anything with 2 wheels and a motor is fair game.  Grew up climbing
mountains untethered, shooting big guns, fixing old cars, and horse
packing into the back country for fun.  Prefer spicy, foreign, and
vegetarian food.  Married a beautiful Brazilian woman from the Amazon
jungle.  Yes I've been there - the frogs are oh-so-pretty, but please
don't touch them.  Have a soft spot for small(ish) children and animals.
Long to get my pilot's licence with IFR and twin turbine ratings so I
can buy that Citation I've been eyeing.  Will accept cash in lieu of
praise and glory.  Have an "odd" sense of humour and even my closest
friends think I'm weird - don't take me too seriously.  

Hope to start workin', contributin', and spendin' lots of late nights
drinking way too much coffee with y'all soon.



My own dear love, he is strong and bold And he cares not what comes
after. His words ring sweet as a chime of gold, And his eyes are lit
with laughter. He is jubilant as a flag unfurled -- Oh, a girl, she'd
not forget him. My own dear love, he is all my world -- And I wish I'd
never met him. -- Dorothy Parker, part 1

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