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Re: Beta on Beta: VMware Workstation 7 RC on F12B?

David wrote:
> [snip]
> Fedora Bugzilla will not solve anything. The bug will probably just be
> closed since it can not be fixed by Fedora.
> The SELinux list *might* at least get you enough instructions to write
> an 'exception' rule. There is a different name for this but I can recall
> it at the moment.
> Vmware has their own Bugzilla. I just looked for it. I would think that
> there would be the place to report this. I would think that this is a
> bug that they would fix. Or at least offer a 'do this' fix for the user
> to apply.

There is a vmware policy in Fedora (and RHEL).  Depending on the nature
of the AVCs, filing a bug for SELinux in RH BZ might get the policy updated.

The case would be helped a lot if Workstation 7 actually runs on Fedora
with SELinux in permissive mode.  If it doesn't, then there's no point
in updating the policy.  If VMware needs ridiculous permissions, that's
what will get it closed WONTFIX, but there has to be a BZ with the AVCs,

I wouldn't be surprised if RH (and by extension, Fedora) dropped support
for VMware Workstation soon.  But in the meantime ....

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