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Re: problems using fixed window sizes

On 10/26/2009 10:30 AM, Fulko Hew wrote:
> Forgive the rant that follows...
> This isn't F12 specific.  As a matter of fact, I was just trying to do some
> 'packaging' development and SELinux on F11 when it bit me.  F12 and
> its apps have the same issues, and its not even Fedora specific.
> Now don't ask why I was doing it, its not relevant, but...
> While doing my work, I'm using a virtual machine, (VirtualBox right now)
> and it presents a nice window for Fedora to present itself into.
> The trouble is that VirtualBox's display is not a very high resolution window.
> Thats OK, I can live with that.  The problem comes when there are
> applications that throw up windows that are of fixed size, and don't
> have scroll bars!
> For example,  system-config-selinux.  Using a limited resolution screen
> the policy generation tool draws a window thats wider than the screen.
> And unfortunately that places options and button on the window past
> its right hand boundary.

Three related questions:

1) Have you installed the GuestAdditions?
2) Have you switched to the fullscreen display mode?
3) Did you actually read the instructions?  :-)

> <rant on>
> Either window managers should auto-draw windows that can't fit on the display
> so that they contain scroll bars, or the developers must be made smart
> enough so they know _they_ have to do it.  (When I develop GUIs, my windows
> are smart enough to auto-draw the scroll bars if the window doesn't fit on
> the display.)
> I suppose while I'm ranting... lets delve into "WHY is everyone defining
> their dialog boxes and other windows as 'modal windows?" Rarely if
> ever, does a window really need to be modal!  I can't tell you how many
> times I've encountered a window where I need to go to another window
> to determine the answer.  But the damn modal window prevents me from
> doing it.  You have to back out of what your doing... find the answer...
> then go forwards again, to get to the point of answering the original question.
> ARGH!  It feels as though I'm using freak'in Windows.
> Unix GUI apps _used_ to be _so_ much more friendlier.  :-(
> <rant off>
> Fulko



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