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KDE4 is taking over GNOME settings...

Hello all,

I have recently gave a try KDE4 installing it alongside GNOME and while
it ran fine, and I actually kind of liked it :-), after logging back to
GNOME I have noticed that:

* Dolphin took over "open folder" action, eg. opening anything in Places
menu Dolphin opens up instead of Nautilus. I've found a gconf key
setting via google that fixes this but still..

* In Firefox, "Open With" of the download window was taken over by KDE
apps e.g instead of Transmission to open .torrent files the KTorrent is
set as default and I can't even change it back.

* In Firefox, also in the download window, when I right-click on the
downloaded file and choose Open or Open Containing Folder an alert popup
shows up saying it cannot open folder location.

There were several more issues like that when KDE apps took GNOME's
defaults when running GNOME but I can't remember them now. After I have
removed KDE4 all went back to normal.

So before I start to BZ those, is this already a known issue and is
there a chance of it being fixed so that when I run KDE4, I have
kde-specific default and when I run GNOME I have my GNOME defaults still
active.. I'd really like to play with KDE4 to get more comfortable with
it but after it took over my GNOME settings I felt a little bit
frustrated and removed it as it reminded me the Windows days when you
install one application and it takes over all possible file associations
it can :-/ (BTW when trying to remove the kde-desktop meta package, it
wanted to remove almost all of my system including pulseaudio, gdm etc
so I had to remove kde related packeges one by one).


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